Our Story

The beginning

Daniel McCollister learned to garden 3 1/2 years ago by reading books and studying cool people online. He didn’t expect to, but fell in LOVE with growing food. While gardening with his headlamp one night, the idea for cropswap came to him. Through chance he met Roberto Reiner, an app developer who had already created 6 apps. Roberto had recently sold all his belongings, taken up meditation and hit the road living in campsites. They hit it off instantly and started meeting every morning in coffee shops to create cropswap. To fund their endeavor, they both took up odd jobs to be able to pay their programers. To make the app they dreamed of, they decided they needed to crowd fund the rest and created a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $26,000 in one month

We are here now!

Cropswap is love. We love gardening and we love people and we love seeds and we love the earth. We are not business tycoons. We are gardeners and want to make the best app we can for our community.