About Cropswap

Our App

We’ve created an iOS application that allows you to purchase or trade organic produce being grown in your community.

Our Idea

Our food system is broken. Produce available in grocery stores is often genetically modified, sprayed with chemicals, picked before it’s ripe, and shipped in gas guzzling semi trucks across the country (if not the world!) to get to you. Most people understand the importance of eating locally. CropSwap will provide the framework to do just this.

Our Goal

We want everyone everywhere to grow food. We want to reawaken biodiversity and a LOVE of the seed. We want to work with the earth and take care of her. We want to lift up communities and change our food system.

In the news

Help us reach our goal!

When you donate to CropSwap you are creating the food system you want to see. Your contribution goes DIRECTLY into producing educational content for the world. We need to teach as MANY people as possible to grow food and your contribution makes this happen.

Keep in touch!

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Tell us where you’re from, CropSwap will be activated once we get enough users in your area. Let’s take control of our food system!