What is cropswap

Cropswap is a mobile phone application to trade fruits and vegetables between neighbors, reducing dependence on the wasteful and polluting industrial food system

What is Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening is a system of gardening invented in the late 1970’s by Mel Bartholemew.  It eliminates many of the inefficiencies of gardening and makes it easy for everyone.

Lecture will cover…

Dan McCollister uncovers the marvels and innovations of urban agriculture teaching a system that reduces water usage by 90%, cuts expenses 50% and grows food in 80% less space.  He hopes to collaborate with students to build functional gardens on your campus and in your communities

What you’ll learn

Topics in the talk
  • Building raised beds
  • Making your own compost
  • Growing food in small spaces
  • Growing heirloom vegetables
  • Creating and cultivating communities


Talk hours


Minute Q&A session


Minutes prep


Total hours